Modicon Quantum PLC – Improve efficiency and performance

The Modicon Quantum PLC by Schneider Electric is a specialised type of Programmable Logic Controller, that has been designed to replace all required sequential relay circuits within machine controls. This top of the range PLC system offers increased performance with its innovative design that eliminates the need for alternative type of machining, packaging, material handling and automated assembly equipment. The Modicon Quantum PLC’s cost-effectiveness, user-friendliness and performance gains sets it above other PLC’s when it comes to benefits offered.

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4Sight OT is a trusted Modicon Quantum PLC supplier, and is a Certified System Integrator of Schneider Electric products in South Africa. Our vast knowledge about the Modicon Quantum PLC and experience in Schneider Electric PLC systems and solutions, enable us to provide our customers with effective, performance driven system solutions, professional technical support and informative training courses.

About the Modicon Quantum PLC – Features and Benefits

The Modicon Quantum PLC is a large PLC for process applications and high availability solutions. A major advantage of this PLC system is its scalable and modular architecture, that can be configured to meet every need, from single rack to plant wide architecture. Benefits and features of the Modicon Quantum PLC include:

  • Connectivity: The Modicon Quantum PLC offers a fully integrated communication connectivity.
  • Diagnostics: Innovative diagnostics allows for effective fault monitoring.
  • Memory: This system offers an extremely wide range in memory and data storage ability.
  • RIO: Consists of deterministic I/O / RIO, and is capable of supporting up to 31 RIO racks.
  • High speed network: Customers can expect a high level of performance in terms of the S908 RIO network standard.
  • Software: Programming software meets the high standards of all other Modicon Industrial PLC’s including the SIL3 Modicon Quantum Safety PLC.
  • Design and architecture: The Modicon Quantum PLC features leading architecture that is aimed to control time-sensitive applications that cannot endure unscheduled downtime.
  • Communication: Conforms to all communication standards including the different Ethernet specifications.
  • HART Compatibility: Supporting abilities according to HART specifications therewith being able to send and receive information across all analog wires.
  • Control: The Modicon Quantum PLC includes 5 separate programming editors for use in optimised algorithm and special control application.

4Sight OT – Trusted supplier of Modicon Quantum PLC systems

4Sight OT is a leading service provider in the field of hardware and software solutions for automation and process control. A PLC plays a vital role in process control, efficiency, performance and profit. The team from 4Sight OT have gained extensive experience in the design, implementation and maintenance of automation and control systems, and assist clients across South Africa with their process control needs.

Let our team assess your process needs and advise you on the best PLC solution that will benefit your business best. We also provide hands-on training courses so that you can get the best performance from your PLC.

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